Saturday, 3 March 2012

Where to eat in Prague (gluten free too!)...

Last weekend we were in Prague and prior to going I was more than a little concerned about what I would be able to eat. Czech cuisine is famous for it's dumplings, schnitzels and thick sauces - not exactly ideal for coeliacs! But the key to any trip is research and there's some great advice out there.

We already had our eye on two gluten free restaurants after seeing reviews on Travel Gluten Free and reviews by Gluten-Free Globetrotter, others we found after extensive googling and some we just stumbled upon! It's also worth printing a couple of gluten free translation cards which explain to restaurants exactly what you can't have (Czech doesn't exactly trip off my tongue!). Try Celiac Travel for gluten free cards.

Anyone reading who isn't gluten free, I'd also urge you to check out these restaurants if in Prague, all were excellent.

Svejk Restaurant U Karla
Svejk was one of the traditional czech restaurants you see all over Prague. It's off a little side street so you don't pay the crazy tourist prices you do in some of the main squares. Unlike a lot of the traditional restaurants it offers a completely gluten free menu and gluten free Celia beer! I went for the traditional Czech goulash with gluten free dumplings and my girlfriend had the gluten free Schnitzel (so I can try obviously!). We also went back for lunch and had hamburger sliders and chicken wings, which were also tasty. You get little gluten free flags in your food which is a nice, reassuring touch.

Pork Schnitzel in a cheesy dough
Czech goulash with dumplings

Hamburger sliders with chips
Sweet chilli chicken wings
La Cantina
The next restaurant I would recommend is La Cantina, one we stumbled upon with a little help from the guide book. It was described as 'the best mexican in Prague' and it certainly didn't dissappoint. I showed them my translation card and they were happy to explain what was made with corn which I could have. The cheesy nachos were simply the best nachos I've ever had. Super stringy cheese served with a delicious salsa and guacamole. The chilli had huge chunks of tender steak and was delicious and my girlfriend's cheese, chicken and spinach quesedillas also received an excellent review.

Cheesy nachos with homemade salsa and guacamole
Steak chilli
Chicken, cheese and spinach quesedillas
Restaurante Na Zlate krizovatce
Final recommendation is a little off the beaten track but well worth the journey. Na Zlate is completely gluten free which is fantastic to see. It would be a real challenge to notice the difference. Their homemade fresh bread was fantastically light and they do draught gluten free beer!  I went for an Italian cheese and bean soup to start and my girlfriend had a tomato and pesto soup. Both were delicious and my garlic toast fantastic. We also both had the beef in a creamy sauce with cranberries for main. The real highlight was the apple strudel dessert, beautifully presented  with light pastry and a rich apple and cinnamon flavour! I would urge you to check out this restaurant whether your gluten free or not, great service and an extremely reasonably priced dinner.
Italian cheese and bean soup with garlic toast
Beef in a creamy sauce with cranberries and dumplings
Apple Strudel
Prague is a great city with lots to see and do and there's some great places to eat too, even if you are gluten free!

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  1. Amazing! Who'd have thought?!

  2. I'm going to Prague in October for the first time and this is also my first European trip since being diagnosed with celiac disease. I can't tell you how happy I am to know that there are gluten free options in Prague that include authentic traditional foods. Guess I can retract my recent lament of "no strudel for me when I go to Prague"...because I see your recommended restaurants have it ...thank you!!! :)

  3. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment and glad I could help. Good luck with your trip!

  4. Great reviews and photos. I had heard about Na Zlate krizovatce, but not the other two options. I think I will be safe in Prague--the Czechs seem very aware of celiac disease.

  5. Thanks. If you find any other gluten free places in Prague, you will have to let me know!

  6. Thanks to your fine reviews, I will be checking out (no pun intended) all of these restaurants May 2013. What a relief to not worry about eating properly. Thanks,

  7. Thanks for the reviews! We're in Prague at the moment and have been to all three, absolutely fantastic food. We also discovered that the Potrefena Husa chain run by Staropramen looks good - we had been to a few different locations for my boyfriend to try all of their beer varieties, and then just earlier today I finally flicked through the rest of the menu and saw little 'no wheat' icons everywhere! Going back for dinner tonight so we'll see how it all tastes :)

  8. That's great! You'll have to let me know how you got on at that one, the more choice the better. Seems to be quite a few options for eating gluten free in Prague!

  9. Cantina has to be one of my favourite restaurants and not just in Prague! My boyfriend insisted we visit not once but twice during our wonderful trip. He still maintains the steak chilli was the best he has ever had! We are going back next year, so can't wait! Great reviews!

  10. Hi, I was in Prague this weekend. I found a great place, where you can eat gluten free: Alriso. It's near by Charles Bridge. They have a lot rice flour products (they bake they own gluten free bread). That's a great place ( )

  11. A great shame but Na Zlate Krizovatce closed a few weeks ago.
    Jason (