Monday, 9 April 2012

Nobu, Berkeley Street, London

With this blog, I think I'm going to have to leave the pictures to do the talking. The tasting menu that Nobu, in the heart of Mayfair, creatively put together to cater for my gluten free needs stretched to 12 courses. 12 courses of some of the finest Japanese inspired food I have ever eaten, but I'll admit I was struggling to keep up with all the descriptions! There is a fusion with South American ingredients in many of the courses such as Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno. I would struggle to do justice to the complex flavour combinations and subtle balance that these dishes carried. Some real highlights were a beautiful lamb cutlet in a fiery red chilli sauce, oven baked prawns with spinach, truffle oil and parmesan and some beautifully cooked savoy cabbage with truffle. The only dish that wasn't to everyones taste was the sweet shrimps and scallops.

They catered incredibly well for my gluten free needs. The four of us opted to have a tasting menu, which our waitress said wouldn't be suitable for coeliacs. Instead, they put together a bespoke menu selecting dishes which would be suitable and on the odd occasion mine was served separately (using gluten free soy sauce). It was a Saturday night, and the bustling, dimly lit restaurant had a great atmosphere with people enjoying sensational japanese cuisine. It's perfect food to share and talk about and all the dishes certainly ensure your palette is kept on it's toes. We opted against having the dessert courses for some more savour, they were incredibly flexible and creating a magnificent dining experience.

Yellowfin Tuna with jalapeno and yuzo
Sweet shrimp and scallops
Pickled salmon rolls in green chilli
Oven baked prawns with spinach, truffle oil and parmesan
Cabbage steak with truffle
Chilean Sea bass Yasai Zuke
Roast white fish with truffle
Waygu Beef with Enoki mushrooms
Tuna and Salmon Nigiri
Waygu with dried miso and crispy garlic
Chicken with dried miso
Pan Fried Scallops with Jalapeno


  1. Looks lush, but that's not tuna and salmon sashimi, it's tuna and salmon nigiri. xXx

  2. Corrected! Thanks :) And it definitely was lush!