Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Honest Burgers, London

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about Honest. The moment just seemed to pass because it's so well known in the gluten free community. But not blogging about it just seems to do Honest a grave injustice because quite frankly they do the best burgers I've ever had! Since I first heard about Honest on twitter a couple of years ago we must have been more than half a dozen times and I don't even live in London. If I did, I think it could be seriously detrimental to my health!

Honest Burgers started out in 2011 on a small stall in Brixton market. The focus was on using quality ingredients to create a small but perfectly formed menu. A couple of combinations of beef burgers, a chicken burger and a veggie option - simple. And it's proof that concentrating on doing a few things very well is the way forward - the burgers are mouthwateringly good. The burger served medium, unless you request otherwise, is unlike any burger I've ever had. The quality of the meat simply shines through. They don't over complicate things either. The 'Honest' burger comes with cheese, smoked bacon, relish pickle and lettuce - all the components of the perfect burger. They have branched into a 'special' but they only do one at a time, meaning that the focus on consistent quality never falters. Moreover, Honest banished the dark days when coeliacs and gluten free followers had to contemplate having a burger without a bun. The bun is good too. Far too often gluten free buns can disintegrate into nothing, this one stands up to the task, soaking up all the delicious juices. The chips have taken a back seat in this review so far, but again, they are simply the best chips I've had on the side of any burger, anywhere. Simply fried and then seasoned with a rosemary salt, they are the perfect accompaniment. 
Honest burger, with chips
Honest's attention to it's gluten free followers goes above and beyond. A couple of years ago they had a burger served with deep fried (breaded) Camembert, which suddenly meant the chips were off the menu for coeliacs due to cross contamination. But they listened to the feedback and this year they developed the same burger but with gluten free bread crumbs. They have also created the best onion rings I've ever had, gluten free beer battered onion rings are really something special. Giant hoops of onion with a golden crunchy batter - they're really spoiling us now. 
Gluten free onion rings
I can't wait to try this month's special at the weekend - an Indian inspired burger with tandoori rub, a (gluten free) vegetable pakora, halloumi and cucumber raita. Oh and don't forget you can wash this all down with a gluten free Estrella Daura Damm Lager - perfection.

They have a number of restaurants dotted around London now, check out their website for more details.