Monday, 21 February 2011

Gluten Free!

So, last weekend I finally took the decision to go gluten free. I have been recently diagnosed with coeliac (or celiac as it's spelt across the pond) disease, an intolerance to gluten. When most people think of gluten, they think of the obvious things like bread, pasta, etc. but it's in a lot more than you think! Checking packets of crisps, I can eat plain Pringles but not prawn cocktail and at restaurants, sauces can be difficult as they are often thickened with flour. The blog, therefore, is probably going to have a bit of a change of direction. It gives reviewing restaurants a whole new dimension - how accommodating to a gluten free diet are they?

When you make most things from scratch, gluten can be easily avoided, and my girlfriend has already bought a variety of gluten free flours such as potato flour and even coconut flour (see In some respects, my diet has probably become more interesting, lunches especially. No longer is it a sandwich everyday! The majority of recipes are gluten free anyway and most are easily adaptable. They're also perfectly suitable for anyone on a normal diet because you'll get more than enough in everything else you eat. 

One of the foods that I would say I'd miss the most is pizza. My girlfriend and I frequently visit Pizza Express but unfortunately their menu is somewhat restrictive for me now. However, my girlfriend made a great gluten free pizza last week and you couldn't tell the difference. The base was a little lighter but tasted great and the tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni topping was a delicious classic. She cooked it on the pizza stone I got her for her birthday which cooked the base evenly and gave it a crisp finish.

We didn't have any dried milk but it didn't really need it, she just added a little extra flour to get the right consistency.


  1. Matt, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis of coeliac disease. I'm not, but I have been wheat intolerant for 3 years now, so can advise a little if you have any questions! Carluccio's do gf pasta, as does Jamie's Italian. Also, there's a gf pizza place in London called Hell Pizza which is meant to be good. I'm getting there with gf baking too!! Itsu (without soy sauce) is my saviour. Mexican food (corn tacos!) is another win.

    It's not the end of eating out but it does make it harder...

  2. Thanks for the tips Claire! We've got a Carluccio's opening in Norwich soon so I'm looking forward to that. I used to really enjoy Pizza Express but they don't really cater for it. It's trickier eating out but I'm definitely eating more exciting lunches!

  3. Prezzo do gluten free pizza