Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Japanese Feast!

Wagamama's is a fairly unique restaurant in the UK. Not many restaurants would get away with seating you on long, Victorian school dinner tables whilst serving you courses 'when they're ready', but you can certainly excuse it when the food is quick and tasty. Wagamama's has a limited choice for those on a gluten free diet, but the servers always come across as knowledgeable and can adapt certain dishes. However, it's not everyone's cup of sake, and a great way of having the food but without the novel experience is to 'do it yourself'.

Since we got the Wagamama's cookbook for Christmas my girlfriend has made some great Japanese food. Last night, we had home made Cucumber Maki Sushi and Chicken Miso Ramen which were both delicious. The home made sushi tasted fantastically fresh compared to the supermarket versions and the soup was full of flavours and textures.

Chicken Miso Ramen and Cucumber Maki
Girlfriend's Chicken Miso Ramen Recipe

Stir fry chicken (2 breasts, thinly sliced) and garlic (1 clove finely chopped) for 4 minutes. Add a large handful of beanspouts, 2 to 3 chopped pak choi for a final 2 minutes and add a splash of soy sauce (Tamari for those who are gluten free) and chilli oil. Meanwhile,  make up 320ml Miso Soup (2 sachets, you can get them in supermarkets, for those who are gluten free, be sure to double check the ingredients) and add 500ml chicken stock - bring to the boil and add 2 bundles of noodles (I've found the gluten free King Soba noodles the best) , until cooked. Put the noodles in bottom of a large bowl, ladle over the hot broth and top with the stir fry. Add sliced spring onions to serve.... ps. I like mine with a little kick so you can add chilli oil to taste after you've served it!
King Soba Noodles (Gluten Free)

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  1. This is a really nice treat for myself after getting my California Responsible Beverage Server Training! I am always craving for Ramen ever since I tasted it. It's more like a special noodles with lots of toppings. I feel like I know now why Naruto (anime) likes it. :)