Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gluten Free Fish and Chips, Southwold Pier, Southwold

I hadn't had 'chip shop' fish and chips since going gluten free. We've had home-made ones which have been really tasty, but there's something very British about having fish and chips at the seaside. Today, we took a trip down to Southwold in Suffolk. It's a beautiful place, the pier has little shops selling handmade souvenirs, it's home to Adnam's ale which has a large flagship store selling all sorts of wonderful produce and the harbour is dotted with little fishmongers and smoke-sheds.
Southwold pier has three places to eat; The Boardwalk restaurant, The Beach café and The Clockhouse. On the first Saturday of every month, coeliacs get to fulfill their fish and chip cravings! Both the Boardwalk restuarant and The Beach café serve gluten free fish and chips. The fryers are cleaned beforehand and fresh gluten free batter is prepared. You can even get battered gluten free sausages (I'm definitely going back to try one of these)! The fish and chips were excellent, a light, crispy batter around fresh tasting cod and beautifully cooked chips... and you can't have fish and chips without a side of mushy peas! It was great to see somewhere catering so well for coeliacs and the regular pundits didn't seem put off by the gluten free day either; the place was bustling. Hopefully more places will see how successful this is and get in on the act.
Gluten free fish and chips at Southwold Pier

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