Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kabuto Noodles

The quirky people at Kabuto Noodles got in touch recently and sent me some samples of their new range of instant 'upmarket' noodles. Food 'on the go' is always a difficult one for coeliacs. I'm generally on my best behaviour and take a packed lunch to work - salads, sandwiches, soups - the usual fodder. But, sometimes time is against you or you just fancy grabbing something that's hassle free. Kabuto have launched two of their instant noodles made with flat rice noodles resulting in a new completely gluten free lunch option.

Prior to becoming gluten free I think I'd only ever tried the 'well known other brand' of instant noodles once and in the dark days of studenthood, I may fallen into the depths of the own-brand supermarket variety. Both had that murky nondescript taste to them. As a coeliac you get used to reading the ingredients list before trying anything. One thing I liked about these new Kabuto noodles was that the list wasn't an endless list of 'flavour enhancers' you have never heard of. It was a simple and expected list of ingredients. So how did they taste? Surprisingly good actually both had a freshness that you wouldn't expect from essentially re-hydrating food! Rice noodles can be infamous for getting stuck together but simply adding boiling water and leaving for a couple of minutes gave you silky smooth strands. The chicken one was definitely my favourite, it just seemed to have a bit more going on. I found the miso one perfectly palatable, if a little bland. I'm sure you could 'pimp' your noodles with a little chilli oil or (gluten free) soy sauce if you wanted to add a bit more flavour.

All in all, a good product and great to have another gluten free 'on the go' option. These would be great to take as an emergency supply to a festival or travelling if you weren't sure exactly what you could eat. Let's hope there's even more to come.

Available from Ocado, Wholefoods and now Sainsbury's for around £1.99.

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