Saturday, 15 August 2015

Orford Plaice, Norwich

Fish and chips, a British staple. Well not for everyone, but gradually coeliacs are getting back in on the action too! I blogged recently about No.1 Cromer and then along comes Orford Plaice, a gluten free chippy even closer to home and perhaps dangerously close to my office! Inside it's pretty no frills but then that's not what anyone is here for. I glance around and people are tucking into generous portions of battered goodness. I double check that the gluten free option is cooked in a separate fryer and the server gives me the reassurance I was looking for. There's another chippy in Norwich that is serving gluten free but unfortunately not cooked separately, potentially putting coeliacs at risk. I was pleased to see the care and attention that Orford Plaice gave to my order. Cooked separately, separate warming drawer, separate chips and finally separate utensils. They even had gluten free labelled vinegar, they clearly knew what they were doing. As for the fish and chips? They were great, crisp, crunchy batter, succulent soft cod and good chip shop chips. It get's the thumbs up from me!
Gluten free fish and chips at Orford Plaice in Norwich

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